Why would you use this program?

It can be frustrating wasting time and money on a product or service that does not work.  Unfortunately, after reviewing credit repair companies including their methods and proposed results, these companies do not yield the results Credit Revamper does.  Not only would you save time and money on a possible solution to your dilemma, but you actually know what is going on at all times without depending on a third party.  Our approach is a direct path to credit restoration.  Here are some differences between the two approaches.

              Credit Revamper VS Credit Repair


 You control your credit file

you depend on a third party

we never view social and birth date

they must look at your credit to review

Always know the status of your progress

must rely on their calls and messages

You understand credit inside and out

limited info to protect their business secrets

can guarantee credit approvals

 can only suggest possible good credit

money back guarantee

 most fees are non refundable for services

     No monthly Fees       

   Possible Monthly Fees depending on service

$59 life time access

$400-600 or more depending on credit with limited support.

Credit Repair companies first take an application from you for their services. This application includes sensitive information such as your social security number and date of birth to pull your actual credit, and review possible suggestions.  Lets say they actually achieve in repairing 100% of your credit, this is according to them.  Then you go to apply for credit somewhere for a home or a car and your application gets denied.  You call back the credit repair company and say my credit application is denied, and they may give you the run around and will not give you your money back because they performed a service.  This happens all the time, and this is why this program was created.

Credit Revamper is the only direct approach to credit restoration for the sole purpose of getting approved credit applications.  These are the steps taken by institutions, not credit repair companies, but banks and other lenders to achieve approved files.  At a fraction of what is worth.


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Okay, so we have recently made the course into a VIDEO COURSE!

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The course consists of the following:

  • easy to understand videos
  • tons of examples
  • short quizes to test you
  • all forms provided
  • all scripts for calls
  • all tools provided
  • and telephone support!