What is Credit Revamper?

Credit Revamper is a step by step guide into creating, repairing, maintaining, and protecting your credit profile to allow for only approved credit applications. Credit Revamper offers an approach to direct manipulation of your credit profile to allow for credit approvals instead of credit denials. Imagine never having to cross your fingers after applying for any type of credit, ever again!

Although it may seem next to impossible or intimidating to be able to do this yourself, it is easier than you think. Most of the task outlined in Credit Revamper you already do every day!

This program is a self paced manual with a support system to help you achieve the credit profile you have been seeking.  After completing the program, you will have a complete understanding of how a credit report is created, how to manipulate your credit and your credit score, and how to protect it.  With this insider information, you will never have to pay someone hundreds of dollars to attempt to get a loan approval for you.

Depending on your credit profile and motivation, results may come in as little as 30 to 90 days.  Other situations such as previous or current foreclosures or bankruptcies may take just a little longer but results will still be achieved.

Credit Revamper is not a way to avoid current obligations!  This program does not attempt to dispute current "illegitimate" records, as this is a direct waste of time and money.

How does it work?

Imagine if you had a cheat sheet written by a bank underwriter or loan decision maker to take with you to every credit application and getting your credit approved! There is no other way to really put it, Credit Revamper is exactly that.  Traditional credit repair companies take a look at your credit report (imagine how safe that is), then make suggestions as to how to repair your credit. We say suggestions because they cannot guarantee you will be credit approved. They may say your credit will be better and your chances of getting approved are higher, but ONLY Credit Revamper, if followed as instructed, will deliver credit approvals, not a maybe.

While traditional credit repairs agencies REVIEW YOUR CREDIT FIRST, Credit Revamper NEVER looks at your credit report, date of birth or social!  Credit repair agencies also charge a fee of between $400 to $600 upfront and monthly costs as well for as long as they are working on your file, and if they sound good over the phone, this could be over a year! Credit Revamper is a program that directly works with your credit file, there is no middle man and no personal information shared with us, ever! We have seen the credit repair signs for $99 around, but we do not count one person operations, as they really do not perform like companies with at least 3 or 4 employees.  The main process these companies follow is the "dispute" and "hope for the best" process.  This can be lengthy, costly, and not productive.

Credit repair agencies may assign you a rep that does not get back to you or if they do, they aren’t really clear.  Yes, we have experienced credit repair agencies because it would be the only way to really know what goes on there.  Nobody follows our format.  Credit Revamper is not a credit repair agency, so there will be no calling Credit Revamper about your credit file, only support! The beauty of this is that instead of us doing it for you (and overcharge you), we just give you all the tools used by the financial professionals to obtain approvals for their clients!  This is the real stuff, the difference between approved and denied!  This does not meant don't call us, and we have several ways to provide support to our subscribers.

Assuming these credit repair agencies actually "fix" the "disputed items" on your credit report, (which is rare) it does not mean your applications will be approved. This is a dirty little secret they do not tell you. They cannot guarantee it will work because they do not know.  Credit Revamper never fixes your credit, it completely manipulates it and makes it a credit approved profile, down to an bank underwriter point of view. Remember, Credit Revamper is from insider information that is used for credit approvals, so we know it works, over and over again!



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Okay, so we have recently made the course into a VIDEO COURSE!

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The course consists of the following:

  • easy to understand videos
  • tons of examples
  • short quizes to test you
  • all forms provided
  • all scripts for calls
  • all tools provided
  • and telephone support!